Semi-conductor Laser Driver

Laser Diode Driver (= Laser Diode Controller)

The Laser Diode Driver can be used for any of the standard 14 pin DIL lasers or LEDs with a fiber optic output.   It controls the current in the semiconductor laser while keeping the temperature constant.

BNC sockets allow modulation of the laser current in two bands: DC to 50kHz and 10kHz to 500MHz. Both the current and temperature are limited to protect the laser from damage.   Internal switches give a wide range of different current limits, temperature ranges and modulation bandwidths.   Maximum drive current for a standard unit is 1A (up to 5A by request).

A front panel switch selects one of three Modes to control the current through the laser:

  1. Constant Current. The value of the current through the laser diode is set by a front panel control
  2. Current Control via a BNC socket going straight to the laser (input range 0-1V, input impedance 50 Ohms).
  3. Constant Power. The power level is set by feedback from the internal photo-diode monitoring the laser output.

Whichever Mode is selected, the current can be modulated by the voltage on the BNC input socket. The control is then of the mean current or the mean power.

Picture of Controller/ Driver for Diode Lasers

Diode Laser Drivers in Power Rack

Each Power Rack can take up to three Driver/Control Modules (or two and an IEEE module)