Systems for Measuring Laser Outputs




Delta Developments specialises in measuring the power and energy of pulsed and CW lasers.   For pulsed lasers we manufacture and supply laser peak power meters and laser energy meters.   We make systems to measure the mean power, the peak power, the pulse shape and the pulse energy.   All have high accuracy with traceability to UK National Standards.

Other products include a boxcar detector (= gated integrator), various amplifiers and a modulated driver for semi-conductor lasers.

Our system for measuring the peak power of a pulsed laser is probably unique.   It links the peak power from a pulsed laser to the standards of CW power by using an attenuating integrating sphere together with fast photo-diodes to measure the pulse shape.   Using a correctly designed integrating sphere allows the measurement of the diverging beam from the end of a fibre.


Customer Consultation .   Many of our systems for laser measurement were originally made to suit the exact needs of particular customers.   We can also offer expert consultation into electro-optics and optical systems across a broad range of sectors.

To complement the manufacture of our laser measurement devices we maintain our own calibration facilities for laser power and energy meters.   We do many calibrations of instruments from other makers as well as our own.   All our calibrations are traceable to the precision standards held at the UK National Physical Laboratory ( NPL ).   Typically, we achieve better than 2% absolute accuracy.   We can also make measurements on the alignment of auto-collimators, transmission of safety goggles, the attenuation of coaxial attenuators and the gain of amplifiers..

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